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About Us:

Car Boards makes 18 X 24 show boards presenting your vehicle specs and photos. You can choose a Standard Sign or provide us with the details and we'll make a Custom Sign to your specifications. We make Novelty License Plates displaying your vehicle photo & specs and Logo License Plates for Car Clubs, Events, Business etc. We also produce prints on Canvas. We are committed to customer satisfaction by providing top quality artwork, workmanship, a superior product and speedy delivery.

Input For Signs:

When contacting us via email, please provide the following information:

  • Name, address, phone number & email id.

  • Select your sign type: Standard Sign, Custom Sign, Metal License Plate, or Canvas Print.

  • Vehicle Year, Make & Model.

  • Vehicle Descriptions / Specs. Enter one description per line (24 lines maximum)

  • Attach any high resolution photos / images.


Payment Options:

Prepayment is required before your order is processed. Payment may be made via Cash, Cheque or Money Order. Car Boards will provide you with further payment instructions and costs.


Photo Tips:

While we make every attempt to ensure the highest quality in our process (enlarging, reshaping, cutting out backgrounds etc.) photos can become grainy or blurry. Only send high resolution digital image files (300 DPI or higher).

For the best possible results please send photos taken in a nice location, avoid parking half on grass and half on pavement, take your photos under the same lighting conditions and always have the sun to your back or sun covered by cloud or lighting closer to dusk.

Take pictures of your vehicle from the best angle, make sure your tire treads are clean, you can see your rims, check for shadows and reflections in the paint (trees, pavement marking etc.) remove all clutter from your vehicle, take pictures from all sides, front, rear, interior, engine, trunk etc.


Tips For Descriptions / Specs:

Please print neatly using upper and lower case letters. Abbreviate whenever possible, check all proper spelling. What you write is what you get.

Try to balance how much text you have on your sign. People reading your sign usually look for Year, Make, Model, Engine, Transmission, Options, Paint, Production Number, what makes it unique etc.



Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery/pick-up. If shipping and handling is required, you will be notified of the cost.


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